3D, 2D or both, work the way you want to --
the computer won't get in your way

Form follows function, as they say. CadPLUS is a great believer in making your architectural CAD system more functional. By putting it to work for you, you can get on with the aspects of design. And even with all our practical tools for construction documentation, the CadPLUS Total AE/FM System intuitively assists you in producing the form, the dynamism of architecture.

Certainly CadPLUS has all the bells and whistles you can think of, and then some. And importantly, it eases that most laborious of tasks, the preparation of CDs -- a big reason you bought AutoCAD in the first place.

Compare Total AE/FM with "vanilla" AutoCAD and Architectural Desktop. Total AE/FM gives you all the "magic" commands for creating Architectural, Electrical and Mechanical drawings in the language you speak for a fraction of the cost of ADT. If Architectural Desktop is overkill for your needs, then you should take a serious look at Total AE/FM. And best of all, every drawing you create using CadPLUS Total AE/FM is 100% non-proprietary, so you can share your drawings with your vendors and customers without the headache of custom objects and proxies.

The system is intuitive, flexible and so interactive that navigating through it is a pleasure. It includes routines for smart walls, doors, windows, roofs and stairs; along with extensive symbol and detail libraries; simplified object management; and 2-way database links for custom schedules and bills of materials. The integrated system delivers a proven, high-performance, cost-effective solution.

CadPLUS Total AE/FM System has InfoEngine and ObjectEngine products built-in.

With CadPLUS, you can free up your time for planning and design while automating CD tasks:

  • Move fluidly from schematics to presentations to final working drawings
    Work seamlessly in modelspace and paperspace -- the system handles complex space calculations for you
  • Design multistory buildings, with multiple floors and levels
  • Draw and clean up walls (with custom wall styles), door and window types in 2D or 3D; convert from 3D to 2D
  • Section a 3D model; generate elevations from a 3D drawing or sketch in elevation mode
  • Prepare legacy drawings, space plans, room layouts
  • Draw mechanical HVAC building systems layouts
  • Set up and track electrical, telecom & security plans
  • Work with site plans & site utilities layouts
  • Lay out and track furniture, fixtures and equipment
  • Insert groups, such as toilet rooms or office cubicles
  • Produce area calculation and occupancy plans
  • Streamline stair design and roof constructions
  • Assemble and manage details and structural shapes
  • Import existing blocks & libraries, assign properties
  • Schedule & note drawings, prepare specifications
  • Manage layers and colors with ease; comply with AIA layer standards effortlessly; automate dimensioning
  • Set up drawing sheets, style sheets & title blocks
  • Update attributes without cumbersome extractions

CadPLUS will help you realize more from your investment in architectural CAD, whether you're working on one structure or across multiple sites.